Federico Poli


the project

Photography does not create images, it transfers them into a paper surface.
In the same way, my painting is not meant to enhance or enlarge the meaning of photography,
but to lay a living, materic, gut, human subjectivity on top of what is nothing but a surface.

Painted marks are contrasts, unresolved stains that would fade to nothing if they were resolved;
their overlapping moulds inner realities.

Flashing lights burn whenever they are scratched and dug.

Photography and painting meet each other into a frenetic dance.

A fire too powerful to need a flame.

Tecnique used:

ink, acrylic and pigment colour
and my knife to scratch the photographic surface


Nov.-Dec. 2018: Public library - Torino (Italy)
Apr.-May. 2018: Bottega Dingi- Bologna (Italy)
Feb. 2017: Galleria Mentana - Florence (Italy)
Apr. 2017: Crypt Gallery - London (UK)

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// selected works

ink and graphite on photo


60x40 cm
pigment and acrylic on photo


23x23 cm
black pigment and graphite on photo


80x120 cm
gold ink and pigment on photo


40x60 cm
acrylic on photo


23x23 cm
watercolor and acrylic on photo


30x40 cm
scratches and oil painting on analog photography paper


40x60 cm
oil painting on photo


me and i
60x40 cm
scratches and ink on photo


into me
12x12 cm
oil painting on analog photography paper


to blame
100x60 cm
scratches, ink and acrylic on photo


15x15 cm
ash on photo


be bold
60x90 cm
pigment and graphite on analog photography paper